Joico Hair Massager and Shower Bag bundled with Defy Damage Shampoo and Conditioner Set - Protects and Adds Moisture to Dry Damaged Hair -Packaged by IDAT

Looking for hair products that will neutralize brassy yellow tones and extend the life of your blonde or grey hair?

Our shampoo and conditioner set has been formulated to protect against damage and strengthen your hair’s natural defenses. Dramatically increase your hair’s shine softness & volume with our color preserving set. Our nourishing ingredients moisturize like no other purple shampoo on the market. The result is more texture to your hair leaving it less brassy with no need for toner. You can also use the detangling wet brush included to shape and create the perfect look for any hair style. This hair brush included has been scientifically designed to avoid snagging in your knots while easily sliding through them to give you the soft shiny locks you deserve.

  • Leaves your hair feeling healthy soft and super shiny
  • Repairs damaged compromised hair and eliminates frizz
  • Keeps your hair toned with just a hint of purple/grey
  • Protects and repairs your hair with an unbeatable scent
  • Includes IDAT Hair Scalp massager and Shower Bag